Communicable diseases / COVID-19


Information from the Province

Find the latest updates from the Province regarding the return to school for the 2021-2022 school year:

Important information


Mesures in place at our schools

To learn more about the measures in place in your school, please click on the COVID-19 tab on the home page of your school’s website:

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Health and safety reminders

Masks at school

Masks are mandatory for all staff members and students in grade 4 and up. Masks are recommended for students from kindergarten through grade 3.


Other preventive measures

It is very important to keep practicing daily symptom checks, remembering to wash your hands regularly, and to keep a proper respiratory etiquette to reduce the risk of transmission, and also to continue to respect the personal space of others at all times.


Daily symptom checks

Finally, anyone who is sick or shows symptoms of communicable diseases at school or before school must immediately return home and follow the instructions given by public health authorities.