Strategic plan 2010-2015


All our students will reach their full potential, taking pride in their French language and Francophone culture.


To develop in our students, from an early age, proficiency in the French language, a culture of life-long learning, a healthy lifestyle, and a desire to contribute to society.


Students are the reason the CSF and its schools exist.
Learning is facilitated by innovative approaches to teaching focusing on the academic success of each student and pride in the French language and Francophone cultures.
In pursuing the success of each student, the CSF strives for excellence in all aspects of its organization:
High-quality, safe physical environments and leadership that promote learning;
An ability to adapt and to ensure fairness, taking local circumstances into account;
Efficient use of resources;
The deployment of measures that promote sustainable development and the protection of the environment;
The dynamic contribution of staff, families and communities.

FOCUS AREA 1 ACADEMIC SUCCESS: Teaching approaches aimed at allowing students to reach their full potential


Heighten students’ skills for the 21st century
Improve proficiency in the French language
Improve students’ command of basic numeracy and science concepts
Integrate the acquisition of the skills needed for the 21st century into the K to 12 curriculum
Optimize the use of technology in the classroom


Provide guidance to students throughout their school career
Integrate the customized teaching approach from K through 12
Improve the transition between early childhood services and school
Broaden the range of courses and experiences offered at the secondary level


Enrich students’ school experience by providing qualified, trained, skilled staff
Recognize and support the expertise and dynamism of CSF staff
Establish a process of continuous learning
Improve access to and use of teaching methods

FOCUS AREA 2 PERSONAL GROWTH: Students learn to learn and thrive in ways that promote their health and well-being

Encadrer l’élève afin d’optimiser son développement émotionnel, identitaire et culturel
Bonifier les programmes de développement de compétences sociales et émotionnelles
Finaliser l’intégration de la pédagogie culturelle à la démarche pédagogique du CSF
Améliorer l’accès à et le choix disponible des activités francophones parascolaires et communautaires


Support students in optimizing their emotional, identity and cultural development
Enhance programs aimed at developing social and emotional skills
Finalize the integration of cultural education into the CSF’s teaching approach
Improve the range of available extracurricular and community Francophone activities as well as access to such activities


Develop students’ autonomy and their continuous learning skills
Raise students’ awareness of and involvement in their educational experience
Facilitate the development of personal learning objectives for students at the secondary level


Facilitate the adoption of healthy, active lifestyles
Develop and implement guidelines on healthy, active lifestyles in schools
Improve the range of physical activities offered
Implement the new physical education program
Establish measures that help protect the environment

FOCUS AREA 3 CITIZENS OF THE WORLD: Students develop the skills and attitudes required to play an effective role in society both locally and globally


Equip students to ensure that they reach their full potential in the learning environment and in the workplace
Expose students from K through 12 to a range of possible careers
Develop work experience options for students at the secondary level
Build links between secondary students and both universities and workplaces


Extend learning outside the classroom by raising students’ awareness of their community and providing them with opportunities to become involved in it
Promote opportunities for students to live in French
Develop the concept of the community and citizen school at the CSF
Raise students’ awareness of local, regional and global issues
Develop educational projects in partnership with the community


Facilitate the development of ethical and intercultural skills
Integrate concepts of ethics and citizenship into the CSF’s educational approach
Improve awareness of indigenous cultures
Formalize experiences promoting the discovery of other cultures

Download : Plan stratégique 2011-2014 (available in French only)