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Christian Benoit

Father of a 15-year-old daughter and involved on the Parent’s Committee (PAC) since the beginning of her French education. I have a good understanding of the French school system in B.C.

University of Ottawa Social Sciences graduate. Entrepreneur in the arts and entertainment and the construction industry for over 20 years throughout BC.

President of a non-profit group that organizes special events, professional DJ in French schools and immersion schools.

2016 Élections Campaign High lights : 

  • improving French preschool services (full time)
  • working on transportation issues (routes, financing, quality of service)
  • Offering more French cultural products in the schools.
  • Offering more sports groups to attract sports kids.
  • developing better communication among schools.
  • helping to create links among the different education levels and with the job market
  • identifying bilingual job opportunities
  • taking care of parents’ needs and bringing their recommendations to the CSF
  • opening new schools as needed

Dynamic, positive personality and passionate about promoting activities that benefit the children, I will spare no effort when it comes to acting on behalf of our kids.

Johanne Dumas

Johanne Dumas and her family have lived in British Columbia for 20 years. In 1996 she became Executive and artistic director of Société francophone de Maillardville, and her commitment to the francophone community hasn’t stopped since. Her involvement has grown and thanks to her undying passion, Johanne has led the many great volunteers, and created a thriving culture and community.

Johanne’s experience has enabled her to participate in many municipal, provincial and national initiatives focusing on community, cultural, artistic and economic activities. Her reputation is built on being a passionate, motivated and dedicated professional. Whether it be at the heart of the BC Multicultural Advisory Committee, the Tri-Cities Arts Council, the “Sous le grand Chapiteau” Conference, the consortium for Francophone Immigrants in BC, or the Maillardville Revitalization Committee, which she presented at the 2006 World Urban Forum in Vancouver, she continues to be an inspiration in her field among peers.  Johanne is now part of committees such as the Linguistic Rights Support Program with the University of Ottawa, the Port Coquitlam Foundation and is also an active participant of the construction committee for l’Ecole des Pionniers de Maillardville and the board of the Port Coquitlam Foundation.

The rich and unique experience Johanne has acquired in the field of administration as well as community and cultural development, coupled with her profound pride towards her native tongue and identity, contribute to her will to share the importance of the French language and its culture with generations to come.

Claire Guibord

Claire Guibord was trustee for the Greater Vancouver Region from 2005-2008. During that time, she was chair of the Education Steering Committee and member of the budget working group, as well as a representative on external committees.

During her daughters’ school years, she was involved in the school life at École Victor-Brodeur, École Anne-Hébert and École secondaire Kitsilano, and was PAC president at Anne-Hébert and Kitsilano (francophone programme).

Claire worked on the construction committee for École secondaire Jules-Verne as a parent at Anne-Hébert, PAC president at Anne-Hébert then at Kitsilano, and then as trustee, until the school’s opening in September 2008.

She brings 40 years of professional experience, including 30 years in the Federal government (Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria), with provincial and territorial connections. In fact, she was one of those responsible for the file relating to official language translation needs during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games 2010, work for which she received an award.

Her experience in the federal arena includes a year in a minister’s office, preparation of federal-provincial conferences, and training in ethics as well as conflict of interests.

She is currently the leader of an administrative team in a company with four clinics offering integrated services (massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic) and is about to start writing their standard operating procedures manuals, a 300-400 page project.

Thierry Keruzoré Candidacy withdrawn

Trish Kolber

Trish Kolber is standing for election as trustee for the Greater Vancouver region because she believes that quality education is an essential right for BC francophones.

Trish has always been very active in the education of her two daughters who attended Pomme d’Api preschool, Rose-des-vents elementary, and are now both at Jules-Verne secondary. She oversaw significant improvements to the facilities and administration at Pomme d’Api where she served as secretary and president. For 5 years, as a member of the social committee at RDV, she oversaw the increasing popularity of the annual family camping trip to Lake Evans in Squamish which continues to be wildly popular. Since 2013, Trish has been president of the PAC at Jules-Verne. During that time, she has been advocating for the wellbeing of the students of JV and RDV which continue to share the over-capacity school site.

She graduated from the Université de Montréal in Linguistics and Education and since then has taught high school Modern Languages, Psychology and Leadership.

Since its inception, Trish has been keeping apprised of the RDV PAC and CSF’s court case demanding equal education for BC’s francophone children. Thanks to her experiences as a teacher and a mother, she understands the complex relationships between the province, the CSF, the schools and the PAC’s. She is informed of recent budgetary constraints and changes to the curriculum. Trish is ready to apply her unique abilities with determination to the success of francophone education system as your trustee.