Accessing Student Information

Family Top Tab

Go to the Family top tab


This tab contains the demographic details of your child. Each tab contains specific information.

If you have multiple children, the Family tab will allow you to select one of them (check the box next to its name) and click on the side tabs button to see the information about him/her.

Side Tabs

Details – displays basic information, including demographics, physical and mailing addresses, and your child’s most recent photo.

Contacts – displays parent (s) guardian (s) and emergency contacts. Please check this and inform the school of any changes.

Daily Attendance – displays daily absences records.

  • For elementary schools, an absence in the morning or afternoon corresponds to an absence of 0.5 days.
  • For students for whom attendance is taken at each class period, daily attendance will be a calculation based on the number of courses in which the student is enrolled. To check attendance for a specific course for a high school student, go to the Academics top tab and the Attendance side tab.

Transcript  – Includes the graduation summary.

Assessments – contains provincial assessments such as EHBs or provincial exams.

Schedule – displays your child’s current classes. There are two ways to display the calendar: List View and Matrix View. You can switch between the two views by using the << List view and Matrix view >> options at the top left of the screen.

Requests – if the function is activated, this tab contains the course requests for the next school year and a summary of the progress in obtaining the graduation diploma.

Membership – displays your child’s enrolment history and schools in which he or she may also be enrolled.

Transactions – may include information about fees.

Documents — may include documents such as the IEP (Inclusive Education Plan)


Academics Top Tab

This tab will allow you to select a course (by checking the box next to the course), then click on the available side tabs to display the details of the selected course.


Side Tabs

Details – gives the details of the selected course.

Assignments– may provide assignment and assessment information.

Attendance (Présence) – provides attendance information for the selected class.

Once you have selected a course and clicked on a side tab, you can use the navigation arrows in the upper right corner to switch between courses in the list.  The navigation buttons make navigating between entries easier.