Tiens-moi la main j’embarque (Hold my hand, I’m on my way)

The goal of this innovative program is to provide 4-year-olds with all the tools they will need when they start kindergarten, and to help prepare them for the school environment. Since parents play the primary role in their child’s life, they are given an appropriately prominent role in the project.

The program starts with a Direct Assessment, an individual evaluation of participants in the program “Tiens-moi la main, j’embarque!”, to evaluate four key areas in the children’s development:

  • self-awareness and awareness of their environment
  • cognitive abilities and skills
  • language and communication
  • development of fine and gross motor skills

After the Direct Assessment, a profile of each child’s development is created, and based on the strengths and needs identified, interventions are put in place to equip them and provide them with stimulation in preparation for the beginning of school. For more information on the Direct Assessment, click here.

During the program “Tiens-moi la main, j’embarque!”, children and parents are invited to participate in monthly group meetings led by a qualified facilitator. These meetings give children a taste of how much fun it is to learn in French!