Putting safety measures in place

In order to provide a happy, safe back-to-school experience, the CSF is offering a choice of two learning models: 100% classroom instruction or 100% distance learning.

A first survey has been sent to parents asking them which learning model they prefer for their children for the start of this school year. At the beginning of December, they will receive a second survey on their level of satisfaction and their wishes for the term starting in January 2021.


Full-time classroom instruction:

Specific measures have been taken to provide optimal conditions for everyone. All health and safety measures recommended by the Ministry of Education and public health authorities have been put in place.


– Masks:
Students from grades 6 through 12, and staff, will be required to wear masks where physical distancing cannot be maintained, for example in some halls.

Staff and students will be provided with two masks each.


– School transportation:

School transportation will be offered to all students returning to the classroom.

Rules on masks will differ from region to region, but will always be in line with safety rules.


– Learning groups:

Learning groups will be set up to maximize classroom instruction time for all students while limiting the number of close contacts. We will have a maximum of 60 individuals per learning group in elementary schools and 120 in secondary schools.


We use the Covid-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 from BCCDC. You can consult it anytime at this link.


Distance learning

Teachers dedicated to distance learning will be trained to provide continuity of education to students who remain at home.