Code of ethics

The CSF Board of Trustees has adopted codes of ethics to guide and support the professional conduct of its members:


As a trustee, since this role is considered to be a critical component of the French public school system in that the community places its confidence in the trustees with regard to their task of laying the foundations that will shape the minds, bodies, emotional attitudes and cultural identity of Francophone youth:

  1. My decisions will be centred on the children’s safety and educational well-being. I will focus my efforts on serving French public schools so that they will meet the individual needs of all learners regardless of their level of intelligence, and regardless of their race, gender, origin, social status and disabilities.
  2. I will be a strong advocate for Francophone education and will do everything in my power to ensure that the Francophone public education system provides each student with an education of the highest quality possible.
  3. I will work with diligence and integrity in carrying out my duties and do everything in my power to uphold the virtues of integrity, reliability and dignity in my position as school trustee.
  4. I will avoid any situation – real, potential or perceived – in which I may have to choose between my personal interest or the interest of a third party and that of the CSF (conflict of interest), and which could influence or appear to influence the performance of my duties.
  5. I will do my best to attend all meetings of the board of trustees and will agree to serve on standing committees when the Chair chooses me, after consultation.
  6. At all times, I will acknowledge that the essential role of the Board of Trustees is to establish policies for the administration of the Francophone public school system, while the administration and management of educational programs are the responsibility of the Superintendent and administrative staff of the CSF, and the regular conduct of school business is the responsibility of the school principal, in accordance with the School Act and the policies of the Conseil scolaire francophone.
  7. I will respect the rights of the other trustees, students, teachers, administrative staff, and all other stakeholders.
  8. I will avoid all forms of harassment toward other members of the Board of Trustees, learners, teaching staff, support staff, administrative staff, or any other person.
  9. I will devote time and thought to the duties and responsibilities associated with my position so as to provide effective, credible service.
  10. To the best of my ability, I will cooperate and work in harmony with the other trustees despite any differences of opinion that may arise during our deliberations.
  11. At all times, I will follow the recommended rules of etiquette and appropriate behaviour. I will encourage frank, open discussions regardless of the topic, treating others with respect and consideration, and I will not hide or withhold information that would be useful in making an informed decision.
  12. If a by-election is held during my term, I will offer to support the new member of the Board of Trustees in learning their new roles and responsibilities.
  13. In every situation, I will base my personal decisions on solid facts. I will vote honestly and impartially according to my conviction, and I will accept the final decision of the majority of the Board.
  14. I will not undermine the reputation of a colleague or a member of the Conseil scolaire francophone staff.
  15. I will not discuss business of a confidential nature outside the meetings of the Board of Trustees or of a standing committee.
  16. I will seek to understand the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders in the Francophone public education system, and do everything in my power to effectively support the development of educational programs for the students.
  17. I will remember at all times that, as an individual, I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the Board, unless I have been officially delegated by the Board. My relationship with school staff, administrative staff, the community and the media will be based on this principle.

Administrative staff

CSF administrative staff are committed to upholding the following values and rules of conduct:

  1. To perform their duties in such a way as to help build a positive, professional image of the CSF and maintain an image of integrity and a reputation for excellence, both internally and externally.
  2. To treat as confidential any information obtained in the course of their work.
  3. I will avoid any form of conflict of interest – real, potential or perceived, personal or involving a third party – that could influence or appear to influence the performance of their tasks or duties.
  4. To perform their professional obligations and duties with integrity and objectivity, and promote positive values as they carry out their daily tasks.
  5. To maintain good relations with one another and show mutual courtesy and respect.
  6. To treat their peers with dignity and fairness and avoid passing judgment.
  7. To adhere to the policies established by the CSF.
  8. To value the work of their colleagues and help build a relationship of understanding and mutual trust.
  9. To be capable and at ease in communicating and explaining their actions and decisions.To be capable and at ease in communicating and explaining their actions and decisions.
  10. In accordance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to give equal treatment and equal respect to people of all ethnic backgrounds and orientations (religious, sexual, etc.)