The Conseil scolaire francophone is a public school board that is recognized across Canada for its vitality and innovation. With more than 900 employees, British Columbia’s Francophone school board is one of the largest Francophone employers in Western Canada.


To promote the success of all learners through collaboration, innovation and engagement, in a Francophone environment


To develop a community of learners inspired by innovative education, a shared, living Francophone culture, and the acquisition of essential life skills for the future


  • Near 6,000 students
  • 40 schools
  • 25 % growth in 5 years!
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NEWS (French only)

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Interested in finding out what’s happening in CSF schools? Here, you can find all our news, highlights and press releases to keep you in the loop.


Un retour en beauté des voyages internationaux

Cette année, les voyages internationaux du CSF ont permis à 130 élèves de 12e année de s’envoler vers la France et le Guatemala. Un apprentissage 360 En plus de permettre aux élèves une expérience éducative hors du milieu scolaire, les voyages constituent un partage d’apprentissages hors du commun. Visites historiques, ateliers artistiques, explorations dans la nature… […]

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La rencontre publique du Conseil d’administration se tiendra au bureau central du CSF à 8 h 30. Pour se joindre à la rencontre en ligne :  Sujets : Consultez l’ordre du jour Quand : le samedi 7 avril 2017 Heure : 8 h 30 Téléconférence : 1-866-500-9022 NIP : 3001544 Également en direct sur Facebook :

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PROJECTS (French only)

CSF students have access to a variety of projects and youth organizations providing them with opportunities to grow, in French, outside the school.

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