Capital plan

Last update: June 24, 2023

This page outlines CSF’s multi-year capital plan as approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2022, as well as everything you need to know about the ongoing projects undertaken by the CSF for all schools across the province.

The purpose of this capital plan is to ensure the implementation of section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms throughout the province by offering a French first-language education that is substantively equivalent to that offered in English and in French immersion.

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Current projects

For each project, a timetable has been considered for project initiation. This timeline does not, however, sacrifice the flexibility that the CSF needs to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and to respond to requests and other unforeseen events. As the CSF, and indeed other English-language school boards, have done in the past, it is permissible for the CSF to change its priorities during the course of a year and to communicate this change to the Ministry. So, for example, if a project is identified as a medium priority on the list submitted in July 2020, but an opportunity (or site) arises a few months later, the CSF could request that it be made an urgent priority in a letter to the ministry or in the next real estate plan.

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Projets approuvés

Victoria Est
École modulaire élémentaire

23 mars 2021


ComplétéeComplétée3 novembre 2021
Victoria Est
Gymnase à Braefoot pour l’école Beausoleil

4 juin 2021ComplétéeComplétéeComplétée16 août 2022


Achat de terrain19 novembre 2022en attenteen attenteen attenteen attente


Construction d’un nouveau gymnase
6 décembre 2022ComplétéeComplétéeen coursen attente

Projets appuyés – Études de faisabilité en cours

Construction d’une nouvelle école M-12

En attenteEn cours
Construction d’une nouvelle école élémentaire

En attenteEn cours
Construction d’une nouvelle école M-12

En attente
Addition d’une aile élémentaire et secondaire

En attenteEn cours

Projets appuyés – Achats de terrains


Achat de terrain

En attente


Achat de terrain

En attente

Conception :
Après l’approbation de l’accord de financement avec le ministère de l’Éducation, la phase de conception commence. Les plans d’esquisse/la conception schématique constituent le concept de conception préliminaire. Le plan d’esquisse permet ensuite de passer à une conception détaillée. Cette conception détaillée est utilisée pour obtenir les permis de développement et de construction et fait partie du dossier d’appel d’offres.

Appel d’offres :
Lorsque la conception d’un projet est terminée, celui-ci fait l’objet d’un appel d’offres. Les entreprises de construction soumissionnent pour le contrat de construction de nouvelles écoles et d’agrandissements.

Construction :
Une fois que le projet a été attribué au soumissionnaire retenu, la construction peut commencer.
Cette étape comporte de nombreux facteurs variables qui peuvent influer sur le temps nécessaire à la réalisation d’un projet.

Date de fin :
La date de fin correspond à l’étape de l’occupation cible, où nous fournissons, aménageons et occupons le nouvel aménagement. Lorsque le bâtiment est utilisé comme prévu, des travaux mineurs peuvent se poursuivre.

Updated rapport by region:

The Capital Plan classifies each project according to different categories!

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Judgments:CSF-specific category for projects that have been the subject of declarations from the Supreme Court of British Columbia (2016) or the Supreme Court of Canada (2020)


High-priority opportunity or risk : A CSF‑specific category for projects that are urgent because of a business opportunity or a serious risk (e.g. that the school could lose its facility)


Replacement (seismic risk): This category applies to all school boards. The Ministry assesses these projects based on the Seismic Retrofit Guidelines developed by Engineers and Geoscientists BC, with a 5‑level scale of urgency determining the priority of each project.


Expansion:  This category applies to all school boards for school expansion projects.


Site acquisition:  This category applies to all school boards for the purchase of a site for the construction of a new school.


New building (or school construction):  This category applies to all school boards for the purchase or construction of a new school.


Remplacement : This category applies to all school boards for the full or partial replacement of an aging building. The objective is to replace buildings that have reached or will soon reach the end of their useful life.


Renovation of a building in a rural district: This category applies to all school boards for projects that include either complete demolition, partial demolition, consolidation of underused buildings, expansion, renovation or replacement of small buildings. Projects in this category are primarily in communities with a population of fewer than 15,000 located outside Greater Vancouver, Greater Victoria and Kelowna.


Existing leases:  The CSF is the only school board that is required (for now) to enter into lease agreements in order to deliver a number of its programs. Since 2016, the Ministry has been required to pay for the spaces needed to allow the CSF to deliver educational services in French. At the Ministry’s request, the CSF has included its leasing costs in its capital plan.


New lease: A CSF-specific category for projects to open a new French-language program where none has existed.



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