Elementary curriculum

The Conseil scolaire francophone follows the BC Ministry of Education’s provincially prescribed curriculum for elementary schools.

For more information, see the Ministry of Education website.

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We are committed to providing all CSF students with courses in English as a first language, starting in grade 4.

Our goal is to build a strong foundation in French for children up to grade 3, and to introduce English – a language many of them will have already acquired – around the age of 9.

“La forêt de l’alphabet” is a prevention program for all students led by the teacher to promote the success of the early steps toward literacy. It is for children in kindergarten and takes the form of play activities. It complements the usual kindergarten activities.

This resource uses the principles of explicit teaching and includes material to support the learning of the names and sounds of the letters (alphabetic principle) as well as the development of phonemic awareness.



“Le Sentier de l’alphabet” is a remedial intervention program to support grade one students at risk during the early steps toward literacy. It builds on the foundation laid by programs for all students, like La forêt de l’alphabet.

“Le Sentier de l’alphabet” was designed and validated by a team of researchers at the University of Québec in Montréal, through government-funded research projects carried out in schools.

The play activities were designed to be conducted by a special education teacher four times per week with small groups of four to five students. In order to be optimally effective, “Le Sentier de l’alphabet” should build on a level 1 intervention provided by the teacher to all students in the class, with all the features of this level of intervention.

This program is primarily designed to promote the understanding the alphabetic principle (names and sounds of the letters) and the development of phonemic awareness (sounds of spoken words).