Deployment at home

Laptop deployment at home

Your child may be granted the privilege to bring his or her computer home to complete his school work. The decision to grant this privilege is at the discretion of the school’s Partners’ Committee and his or her teachers.

The Laptop Computer

The laptop: a tool to success
The laptop increases student’s motivation and allows for personalized learning. It helps develop creativity and allows students to make quality assignments. The laptop used by students is a loan from the CSF and we ask users to respect the rules of use of the device. The computer is not a toy but a learning tool that provides access to an unlimited bank of resources. Sending the laptop at home is a decision of the teacher, and as in the case of a textbook, it will not be sent home each evening. The laptop will be left at the school for the Christmas, March, and summer holidays.

Laptops Maintenance

For the deployment of mobile computers at home, each student is equipped with a power adapter, an extension cord and a protective schoolbag where he must put the computer assigned to him. Each laptop is identified with the name of the student to whom it is assigned, the labels must not be removed from the computer.


Eating or drinking near a laptop is not recommended. If a liquid or food is spilled on the keyboard, please notify the school as soon as possible. 
It is important not to clean the laptop with cleaning products. A damp cloth is sufficient to remove most of the stains. For more stubborn stains, a damp magic eraser-like sponge works fine. If your computer crashes or stops working, do not try to fix it yourself, but notify the school and it will be sent for repair.


It is always a good idea to charge the laptop battery overnight to get it ready for the school day. Make sure you keep the computer between 10° and 35° Celsius because extreme temperatures can damage the internal components of the laptop. Let the laptop reach room temperature before turning it on. Students are responsible for saving the files they want to keep because the laptops are reimaged and the data erased each summer.


The computer assigned to you is your responsibility. Don’t keep it unattended at any time, and put it in a safe place when not in use.

For more information, please refer to 9XX – Technologie et informatique policies and to the Procedures et guidelines handbook.