Rationale for the use of CSF computer resources and deployment of laptops and tablets

This virtual presentation is to inform you about the vision and goals of the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique for the use of computer resources and deployment of computers and tablets.

CSF Strategic Plan – Collaborer, innover, engager

The Conseil scolaire francophone is a public school board that is recognized across Canada for its vitality and innovation. Its mission is to develop a community of learners inspired by innovative education, a shared, living Francophone culture, and the acquisition of essential life skills for the future.The strategic plan intends to promote the success of all learners through collaboration, innovation and engagement, in a Francophone environment.

Developing BC Curriculum’s Core Competencies

The objective of developing and enhancing the core competencies is to increase communication, reflection, and personal and social skills of all learners.Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep learning and life-long learning.

Pedagogical Innovation

Pedagogical innovation enables individualized instruction and the respect of each student’s learning pace as well as the achievement of authentic and meaningful tasks. The emphasis on exploration, experimentation and curiosity contribute to the development of competencies.

Technological Devices

Laptops and tablets are the CSF’s property. They are loaned to students for a 5-year period. While using their device, students must handle their device with care and respect the rules. Students and parents must sign the consent form for the use of CSF computer resources, laptops and tablets.Technological devices are to be used for school work only.

An Essential Partnership

The partnership between the student, the parents, and the school is essential: it is teamwork. The parent has the right to know his child CSF username and password.

For more information, please refer to 9XX – Technologie et informatique policies and to the Procedures et guidelines handbook.