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By-election results – Greater Vancouver region

September 9, 2016


Richmond, July 20, 2016 – The Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique announces the candidate elected following the by-election held for the Greater Vancouver region. During this election, 388 members or 12% of the membership cast votes. The by-election was held as a result of the resignation, for personal reasons, of the Trustee for Greater Vancouver, Luc Morin, on Friday, April 29 of this year.


Region Candidate Result
Greater Vancouver
Trish Kolber (elected) 135 (41.0 %)
Johanne Dumas 69 (21.0 %)
Claire Guibord 64 (19.5 %)
Christian Benoit 55 (16.7 %)
Thierry Keruzoré 6 (1.8 %) Candidacy withdrawn

Trish Kolber – Greater Vancouver

The mother of two daughters who went through Pomme d’Api preschool and Rose-des-vents elementary and now both attend Jules Verne secondary school, Trish has always been very active in Francophone education in BC.

She helped improve services at Pomme d’Api preschool and contributed to its development as secretary and president. As a member of the Rose-des-vents social committee, she contributed to the success of the annual family camping trip at Lake Evans in Squamish. She organized this popular activity for 5 years, and it continues to be extremely popular at Rose-des-vent. As president of the PAC at Jules-Verne for three years, Trish fought tirelessly for our children’s welfare at Jules-Verne and Rose-des-vents, which still have to share a single site that has been over capacity for a number of years.

A graduate of the University of Montreal in linguistics and education, she taught modern languages, psychology and leadership at high school for 25 years.

As a result of closely following the Rose-des-vent parents’ application and the CSF court action, as well as her experience as an educator and mother, Trish is very well acquainted with the issues between the province, the CSF, schools and PACs, budgetary constraints and recent changes to the curriculum. Trish looks forward to using her unique knowledge to make a determined contribution to the development of Francophone education in BC by serving as a CSF school trustee.

Since it was established in 1995, the Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique has been providing educational programs and services promoting the comprehensive development and cultural identity of the province’s Francophone students. A partner in the advancement of the Francophone community in British Columbia, the CSF now has more than 5,300 students attending 37 schools – including 24 homogeneous French-language schools – and serves around one hundred communities throughout the province.

By-election results – Greater Vancouver region
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