Code of conduct

The school bus is an extension of the school. Consequently, students who are on the school bus are under the authority of the school principal and subject to the applicable code of conduct.

Responsibilities of the student

When students use school transportation, they must:

  • abide by the school’s code of conduct;
  • be at the bust stop 5 minutes before its scheduled arrival time;
  • promptly obey all the driver’s orders, including the assignment of seats, as required;
  • refrain from talking to the driver, except in an emergency;
  • refrain from talking unnecessarily loudly and using vulgar or profane language;
  • remain properly seated and wear a seat belt at all times;
  • avoid obstructing the aisle with any obstacles, including legs and bags;
  • keep windows closed at all times, unless otherwise instructed by the driver;
  • refrain from leaving garbage on the bus;
  • take responsibility for any deliberate damage to the bus; and
  • refrain from eating or drinking on the bus (this is due to health and safety concerns such as food allergies and choking, in addition to keeping the bus clean).